Topgids is a Dutch site dedicated to informing people about new local companies that are trying to start up in their area. The company behind Topgids is the successful online media group which is famous for developing popular casino slot machines for the Dutch casino market and having the grootste online gokkast jackpots and the best recommendations provided.

“Gid” was shortened for “gouden idee deur,” meaning “golden idea door.”

Topgids means the top golden idea doors, meaning that each place highlighted by Topgids is a golden opportunity.

Our goal is to help new places grow their market by tapping into the pioneering spirit of our audience-which is you.

You’ve heard it said, “I remember that place when it was just a dive that no one cared to visit.”

Topgids knows that you want to try out niche places before they gain any popularity and you want to see places that no one else has seen before. The doors for golden opportunities are wide-open with the aroma of authenticity and credibility.

Topgids is a community of real people being part of something organically grown. New companies surrounded by authentic voices rich in creativity and progressive thinking.

The doors for golden opportunities are wide-open for community involvement-it’s not just about being there. It’s about helping others see new things or seeing old things in a new way. Feedback on design and usability can help influence the forward progress of the community and give insight to new companies.

Topgids wants to promote dialogue and feedback between brands and platforms. It’s a two-way street with amazing neighborhoods. The leaves are falling and the air is crisp-it’s a golden opportunity at Topgids.