Pick up a map highlighting all the local bars and party spots and set out on your adventure. Popular nightlife offers a wide variety of entertainment. Be sure and put an X on where you began-you might want to get back in a few days.

Vanity club- Dance the night away listening to up-and-coming artists. Vanity is an award winning nightspot without the arrogance-has a natural laid back vibe allowing you to de-stress for a bit and enjoy the moments. Step out of your comfort zone and have a little fun.

Lamplight Bar- Two bars make up this classy establishment. The main bar is upstairs with a VIP lounge for mingling and the dance floor is located on the ground floor. Lamplight is upscale all the way. Pick your best outfit from your wardrobe because this bar flaunts the young and beautiful. Serving craft beers and designer cocktails with quality liquor and professional service.

Sammy’s Sports bar- Is the place to go for diehard sports fans. Drinking a tallboy or draft beer you can look any direction and view a TV showcasing your team or favorite sport. The atmosphere is light and jovial with old friends and new friends enjoying Sammy’s quality spicy chicken wings and cold beer to cool the fire if you go for the extreme sauce.