Delicious smells of fresh pastries, strong roasted coffee beans, and barbequed ribs almost defies the need of a GPS if you are in close range of theses local food establishments. But if you’re out of smelling range you can find these foodie shops on Topgids Mobile App based on your GPS.


Palliance Bakery- has your mouth watering at the door. Delicate macaron’s and made-to-order cakes keeps the community on their treadmills. Tap into some steamy man-made energy at the full espresso bar and don’t forget to take a peek at the European baked goods and pastries that would give anyone a good reason to wake up.

Bake- Join other locals and visitors as they enjoy Classic American desserts just like grandma made-including the best Apple Pie served.

Lutz- Traditional German treats and cakes line the old-fashioned counter as you enter this quaint sugar shop. Wedding cakes are one of their specialties and so is Stollen and Baumkuclen for the holidays.

Swedes- Yes-just like the name-this is a traditional Swedish Bakery with traditional pastries like Toska tarts and Tarzariners. They also specialize in European pastries and cakes.

Ebers- Their lights are lit up in the early morning hours. Everything is made from scratch. Brownies on a stick are a favorite for the kids and the Cheddar Cheese and Onion bread is only for the early risers.

Munchies- is an Organic Dessert Shop. Besides cookies and doughnuts, they serve chewy buns oozing with custard or chocolate. Teas & coffees with flavors of earl grey, white chocolate, and matcha sea salt decorate the wooden shelves above the freezer with the most unusual ice cream collection.

Coffee Shops

Fashionable sophistication has been brewing up in coffee shops since the 1700’s. London was the first 24-hour consumer society welcoming in this period of coffee, tea, and chocolate. It became the style for Britain’s to hang out in coffee houses discussing politics and their own lives. All walks of life are drawn to these variety of shops today. Here are a few local shops serving up some handcrafted cocktails.

Andante Café-is decked out in beautiful wood with a loft-it’s a hipster haven with “vintage” written all over the place. They serve up the best Almond Milk Cappuccino in town-made from coffee beans that are roasted right in the shop.

Coffee Roasters- serves up all kinds of brew promising an enjoyable java buzz. Caramel Macchiato’s with vanilla and extra shots of espresso seems to be a favorite among the locals.

Porchlight Coffee House- Porchlight is a late night gathering coffee house serving up the smoothest and creamiest coffee paired with sweet and savory pastries.

Coffee- Yeah that’s the name-straight up Coffee. Tucked away in a little secret place-this shop sells the best coffee in town. No open mic nights, not much on décor, but only if the walls could talk. Coffee is a shop where people really connect, relax, and just hide out for a bit-must be a coffee haven.


These shops have taken chocolate to a new tasty level.

Designer Chocolate- Beware of being overwhelmed by the amazing display of confectionary creations. How do you choose between hand dipped salt caramels and eggnog truffles? You don’t! Eat some there and take the other to go.

Fancy Chocolate- Pecan nut balls, caramel lollipops, and melt-in-your-mouth homemade kisses are just a few of the rich chocolate delights at Fancy’s. This Gourmet chocolate shop is spicing up their confections with hot chile and bacon. You like it hot? Stop by for some tasty firey morsels.


The ancient art of winemaking is still flowing into the 21st century. Not all grapes end up in your wine glass. Raisins, table grapes, and non-alcoholic grape juice are products from the vineyards.

Swan Vineyards- Enjoy the spectacular views as you step into the heart of wine country.

Sky Blue Vines- Join us at our beautiful outdoor terrace overlooking rolling acres of juicy grapes. Relax and have a sip or two of our signature wines or just stroll through the rows of hearty vines.


Pearl’s Restaurant- Pearl’s is a classy yet comfy Italian neighborhood restaurant. The kind ‘a place where you can just say “meet me at Pearl’s” and you know it will be a great evening. Chicken Asiago stuffed with spinach and roasted peppers-pan fried and served over linguine with an aged cheese sauce will keep you coming back every night. Or try the beer-battered Haddock, shrimp, and clams. Pearl’s is open 7 days a week and offers a large menu inclusive of entrees for children of all ages. Full bar and wine list with suggestions for pairing the best complimentary drink for your meal. Read a review online as you download our menu-catering available.

A Little Bit of Dutch Restaurant- Time seems to have stood still as you enter the small type café. The smells of bitterballen and keoketten waft through the air as you slowly find a table. The owners were raised in the Netherlands and love the old ways of cooking, eating, and socializing. It’s a one of a kind restaurant that you don’t want to miss and will be talked about in your many upcoming conversations. Dining at the Little Dutch Restaurant isn’t just about eating-it’s a sweet memorable event.

Chesdans Pizza- Gourmet Brick Oven Pizzas that melt in your mouth. Actually you design your pizza by handpicking each ingredient with the help of your server. Delicious Italian sausage, freshly shredded mozzarella cheese, fresh onions, peppers, and garlic raised in Chesdans garden in the backyard of the restaurant. After choosing each ingredient, the crust of your choice is stretched and shaped before topping are layered in a way that compliments each flavor together in your pizza. Right in front of your eyes the pizza is slid into the hot brick pizza oven for just a few moments. You can smell the fresh mozzarella smelting as the fresh peppers, onions, and garlic are seared beneath the cheese-only the flavor exposed.

Wild Bills Barbeque- Just a small time establishment with the best barbecue around. Bill won’t share the secret ingredients. People have even tried to break into to see if he had it written down. The unique smoky, sweet taste brings customers from all over. Bill doesn’t advertise much-besides the word of mouth which seems to have done it. The mouth that has bit into a Wild Bills Barbeque is all that need to share it.