Car Shops

Tango Auto’s- Tango’s is a Kia Dealership selling quality new and used automobiles. It is a family owned business for three generations. As everyone knows it’s an oxymoron “an honest car salesman” but Tango’s has built an honest reputation and their honesty made them number 1 in car sales and customer satisfaction for two years in a row.

Radio Shops

Hart’s- Few and far between-Hart’s is a specialty shop carrying a wide range of radios covering many top name brands. The owner also custom builds what you might have only been able to imagine.

Gardening Shops

Twolips Landscaping- A broad variety of all your gardening needs ca be found at Twolips.

Miscellaneous Shops

Handy’s Guitars- Handy is a small time shop with a large audience. Ranging from brand name acoustic and electric guitars, state of the art keyboards and pianos, any instrument that your child might need for school. Drums for beginners and pros’. Sheet music and types of tuning equipment along with amps and a wide variety of speakers. Handy also has a busy schedule as an instructor for guitar and keyboard lessons.

Material Girl- Stop by and find an unusual pattern and the material you needed to go with it. If you don’t how to use the sewing machine Material Girl will measure you up and create the outfit for you. They specialize in one-of-a-kind prom dresses, gymnastic costumes, and costumes needed for local school plays along with the theatre associated with the college. If you can imagine it Material Girl will help you design it.